Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Picture This

Photography has always been a hobby for me. When I was in high school, I bought a Canon AE-1 and carried it around with me everywhere. I photographed people, animals, flowers, buildings, hot air balloons, and just about anything else I saw.

I loved taking pictures. But film and developing were expensive and I didn't have a darkroom, so I was limited.

And then there was digital.   *cue choir*

Several years ago, we bought a digital camera for the family. The Kodak EasyShare - a simple point and shoot camera that was easy to use and took nice pictures.  Best of all, no film and no developing. I could take as many pictures as I wanted (until the memory card was full) and delete those that I didn't like. It was nice, but I wasn't completely satisfied.

I started looking at the high-end digital SLR cameras. This was what I really wanted, but I wasn't ready to spend that much money. So I waited.

My next camera purchase was a Pentax W90. This is my "activity" camera. We do a lot of camping and backpacking, so resistance to water, shock and dust are important.  The Pentax has a lot of great features and takes really good pictures. I found myself getting hooked on my old hobby again.

The siren song of the digital SLR's got louder. 

And then I got the most wonderful news... our company was paying Christmas bonuses this year. I could finally get my new camera.  I debated the features of the Canon (my old favorite) versus the Nikon.  I polled my friends for their recommendations. I talked to professional photographers.  And I made my decision.

My new Nikon D90 is on its way and should be here in time for Christmas.

And I can't wait!


The latest update on my 52 Organizing Missions:

#35 Set "Yes" Priorities - This will be ongoing. I know my priorities and I will consider each commitment (before I make it) to make sure it contributes to my priorities.

#34 Donate 50 Things - I have a garbage bag full of clothes and a box of miscellaneous items that are going to the thrift store this week.  :)

#33 Organize Your E-Mail Management - I deleted old e-mails (on all accounts) and unsubscribed from a bunch of newsletters that I have no interest in reading.

I'm more than half-way through this project, and I can see a definite improvement. This has really helped me get back to being a calm, organized person.