Friday, May 21, 2010


Yesterday I received Mission #5: Become A Smart Verbal Communicator from Get Organized Wizard. The instructions were to (1) streamline my voicemail message, (2) write a script for leaving voicemails, and (3) write a script for delegating.

I've updated both my home and work voicemail messages to ask callers to tell me what they need from me and to leave contact information if they expect a reply. Rather than playing phone tag, we can actually use the voicemail system to communicate.  Wow, what a concept!

The tips for leaving voicemails for other people tells me to leave a detailed message that includes who I am, what I need, if a reply is needed or if there are deadlines, and my contact information.  I will try to follow these tips when leaving messages.  I wonder if the recipients will actually listen to the whole message or just hit delete and call me back.

I don't have anyone to delegate to, so I skipped this part.  Okay, that's not exactly true.  I sometimes ask my son to do things for me.  But, have you ever tried to give detailed instructions to a 16 year old boy?  Yeah.  Unless it's instructions for how to get to the next level of their favorite video game, you might as well forget it.

Another mission completed.  I wonder if it would be rude to forward this one to a few people who could really use it...