Monday, May 17, 2010

Time Flies

When I was a little girl, time moved so slowly. I was always waiting for things to happen: school to start, summer vacation, birthdays, Christmas. (It took FOREVER for Christmas to get here.)

Now-days, time just flies by.

What's up with that?

Did you know that there are only 3 weeks of school left? And Christmas will be here before you know it, y'all!

This time warp thing plays havoc with my attempts at getting organized. There's always something else that needs my attention. And then there's Facebook... but that's a topic for another post.

Fortunately, the last three missions from Get Organized Wizard turned out to be easy ones.

April 29, Misssion # 2 - Detox your briefcase/tote/bag
I removed the papers from my briefcase and filed them, then removed a few excess pens and paperclips. Done. I had cleaned my purse out the previous week, so I focused on my make-up case. Threw away a couple of old lipsticks and some band-aids that had lost their stickiness. Done.

May 6, Mission # 3 - Organize your bill payment
I set up on-line bill pay (not automatic) with my bank over a year ago, and I love it. When bills come in the mail, I go on-line and schedule the payment. I've set up some bills with on-line notifications. I get an e-mail whenever there is a new bill to be paid. So easy and I don't have to worry about things getting lost in the mail. Done.

May 13, Mission #4 - Forgo the freebies
Last year, I discarded all the old kids meal toys and free items that were taking up space. I no longer bring home any of those cute little advertisement freebies - unless it's something that I can really use. When they are offered I either decline, hand it to someone else, or toss. So nice to not have a bunch of plastic "thingies" lying about. Done.

Since these missions were so easy, I added a quick clean-out of my armoire. It was time. The shelves were overflowing with shorts, t-shirts, and sweats, and the doors did not want to stay closed any more. I took 15 minutes and removed everything that I did not like or that did not fit. It almost filled a garbage bag. I took the bag to a local thrift store, along with a box of kitchen items and a hamper full of my son's outgrown clothes. It felt so good to get all that out of the house. And now... I can close my armoire again!

After all my organizing efforts on Saturday morning, I went to my friend's house to sit in the hot tub and drink beer.

A girl's gotta take some time to relax! ;)