Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project Interrupted

I am working on some new accessories to wear at an upcoming pow-wow - a ladies breastplate for me and a set of bandoliers for my son (who will help with his part of the project).  After two on-line orders for beads and leather, a trip to Hobby Lobby for leather dye, and another on-line order for more beads, we have all of our supplies.  I am armed with patterns, examples and helpful suggestions from friends, and I am ready to get started.

My finished project will
(hopefully) look something
like this.
Last night I got out all of the leather strips, cut the lengths needed for both projects, and marked where the holes should go. I used to think that a leather punch was required for this step, but my friend, Helen, gave me an even better idea - drill the holes with a Dremel. It's faster and easier on the hands - and you can drill the strips lengthwise, which is what I plan to do with my project. I am making a breastplate that will look almost exactly like one of Helen's. The colors looked really good with my outfit and the fit was right, so I asked her if I could copy it and she very graciously said I could.

I got the Dremel out, found the drill bit I wanted to use, and... it didn't fit. The collet was too big for the bit. Bummer!  I was all set to work on this project, and couldn't go any further. So, I packed the Dremel back in its case, collected all my leather strips, and put everything away again.

This seems to happen a lot with new projects. I think I have everything I need, until I get part-way through and find that I'm missing a critical piece. (This is one of the hazards of trying out new crafts.) Then the project is set aside until I can get the required part or tool. Sometimes that happens the next day, sometimes (okay, most of the time) it takes longer.

Since I have a deadline, I guess I'll be making a stop at the hardware store this afternoon for a new collet.  I want to get this project underway. I have a pow-wow to attend in April!


Tashmica said...

How exciting! I have always loved to attend Pow Wows! So beautiful and the wardrobes are always so beautiful! Good luck with your craft!

Le'Ann Ruggles said...

Thank you, Tashmica! I love the outfits, too. I will post a photo of mine when it's finished.

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