Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Discovering Cafe Express

A few weeks after starting my new downtown job, I ran into my friend, Kim. We've known each other since junior high!  We used to get together for regular lunches back when she was a stay-at-home mom and I worked in Tomball, but that stopped about five years ago when she went back to work. I was thrilled to learn that we work in the same building.  Small world!  We've been meeting for weekly lunches ever since.

Kim had mentioned Cafe Express as a place I should try. When she told me that they had sweet potato fries, I was sold!  The restaurant is a 3 block walk from the office - best visited on a good weather day - and I was impressed with the bright, roomy interior. There were several people working the counter, so we didn't have to wait long to place our orders.

I had the Rustica Chicken sandwich ($8.99) with sweet potato fries (extra $.99).  The sandwich was delicious - grilled chicken, roasted tomatoes, red onion, black olive tapenade, lettuce, basil pesto and vinaigrette on ciabatta bread. The fries were good, but not quite up to my expectations - I got the impression that they were frozen.  My favorite part of the meal was the black current iced tea.  I would go back just to have another glass of that tea... and maybe to try one of their gourmet burgers.  Yum!