Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Discovering Bombay Pizza Company

Two months ago, Kim and I ventured into Bombay Pizza Company for lunch. Bombay Pizza serves Italian cuisine fused with Indian herbs and spices. They're well known for their amazingly diverse variety of pizzas with cracker-thin crust, and have been featured on The Food Network show Best Thing I Ever Ate. 

On this visit, we decided to try The Slumdog - topped with pepperoni, Spanish chorizo, beef, Canadian bacon, mozarella, grilled chicken, jalapenos, red onion and Bombay pizza sauce. We ordered the large - 16" ($19), thinking that we would take the leftover slices home with us. The pizza was delivered to our table after a very short wait.  It was meaty and spicy, and the crust was thin and crispy, and it was so delicious that we ate every bite! 

My second visit to Bombay Pizza was with a friend from work. Gowri, who is from India, turned me on to his favorite dish, which is now my favorite.  Charlie's Blackened Chicken Roll ($7) - spicy chicken, carrots, cucumbers, and yogurt dressing rolled in naan bread and served with your choice of potato or sweet potato fries.  I am such a sucker for sweet potato fries!  If you decide to try this one, ask for a side of the green sauce (cilantro mint chutney) to try on your roll - you'll be glad you did.

Last week, Kim and I went back again (yes, it's getting to be a habit) and I suggested she try my new favorite, too.  I don't think she likes it quite as much as I do, but she said it was pretty good.  Being a good carnivore, she says she prefers The Slumdog.  I am looking forward to many more trips to try some of the other dishes and pizza combinations - Gateway of India sounds particularly yummy. 

Here's a tip: If you do go to Bombay Pizza Company for lunch, go early.  They get very busy and the tables fill up quickly. Enjoy!