Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Adventures in Medicine - Part 6 (The Final Chapter)

Today, I took my last dose of Coumadin. My six months of taking Coumadin should have run through the end of January, but I have run out of pills - ten days early.  I don't see any point in buying a month's worth of pills when most of them would go to waste, so I'm done. (I also don't plan on making that final doctor's visit to be told that it's okay to stop taking the Coumadin.)

The Coumadin has caused joint pain and an overall lack of energy. I'm hoping this reverses soon so I can get back on my regular workout schedule. I'm looking forward to eating broccoli and spinach salad again. And now, as my sister so cheerfully reminded me, I can shave my legs without fear of cutting myself.

I hope I never have to deal with blood clots again.


Shades of Gray
I'm still getting to know my new camera, and loving every minute of it. The theme for week 3 of the MCP Project 52 is Shades of Gray, and here is the photo I submitted today. This picture was taken on Sunday, when it was cold and rainy, and I think it really conveys the feeling of cold.  I love how black & white brings out detail that might be missed in a color photo.

Which do you like better - black & white or color?


Ada said...

That's a lovely picture. I love BOTH black and white and color, although I shot most of my personal pictures in color. I guess it feels a little more immediate that way.

Hope all goes well with the medication!

Paula & Skip said...

I love b&w.

Paula & Skip said...

How are you today? Are you regaining your strength? Have a wonderful week

Le'Ann Ruggles said...

Thanks for visiting, Ada and Paula! I have always shot in color, but plan to experiment more with black and white - it's so dramatic!
After six days without Coumadin, I am able to climb stairs without any pain in my knees. Yay for progress! :)

Tashmica said...

I've loved black and white ever since I realized that in sketching with charcoal (which I have admiration for but no skill) is really a study of light and dark.

Le'Ann Ruggles said...

Hi Tashmica. Thanks for stopping by! Charcoal drawings are wonderful. I've seen some that were so detailed that they looked like photographs.

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