Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Vacation and a New Year's Challenge

Every year (for seven years now) we have spent the week after Christmas at Boy Scout Winter Camp. Sleeping in tents with temperatures sometimes below freezing... doesn't that sound like fun? The last two years, we have opted to commute so we could enjoy hot showers and warm beds every night.

Our current job at camp is to run the Trading Post. This is the place where people come to visit, warm up, shop, and spend every dollar they brought. We sell items ranging from shampoo and hand warmers to souveneir shirts and patches. The most popular item is always knives. No surprise there. 

This year I had a wonderful staff (3 adults and 2 teenagers) who dealt with the mad rush of kids each time we opened our doors - locating products, answering questions, changing all those first day $20 bills - and made it look effortless. I was also charged with managing the Snack Shack, and was lucky to have 3 great teenagers who efficiently (and with very little supervision) sold assorted snacks and drinks to the eager crowds of campers.

We did really well this year. By the last full day of camp, the Snack Shack was sold out and the Trading Post inventory list had gotten significantly shorter.  We were able to complete our last day inventory in record time.  

People ask why we keep coming back to work (volunteer) at Winter Camp every year and my answer is that it's fun. I'll choose Winter Camp over after-Christmas shopping every time! We always have a great time, and we are already making plans for next year... or should I say this year?  :)

Stormie contemplates Christmas
Speaking of this year...

In honor of 2011, I've decided to try something new. I have joined in MCP Project 52, where I will submit 52 photos based on a weekly theme. I'm a little shy about sharing my work, but this seems like a good opportunity for me to get to know my new camera (one of my New Year's goals) and the challenge will (hopefully) encourage me to try new things. The first weekly theme is Something Around the House, and this is the photo I submitted. There are eight cats in our household, so I thought it was quite appropriate. 

I'm looking forward to the weekly challenges and will also share my photos here. Won't you join me?


Paula & Skip said...

Hi Le'Ann I had to investigate a bit till I found who is visiting us so regularly from Texas! I love the idea of winter camp and will inquire whether my husband would care to join too!

Kari said...

I love that picture of Stormie. And the 52 photos thing looks interesting, we may have to look into that.

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