Sunday, March 6, 2011

Express Yourself

Last week's theme (week 9) for the MCP Project 52 was Express Yourself.

The thing I love most about digital photography is the ability to delete. I can take a hundred shots to get that one perfect picture. All without paying for film and developing.

Last weekend, I took senior portraits of my son, James. Because he was posing for his mom, there were many moments of silliness. I captured more a few of these, including some where his very expressive face perfectly displayed his feelings about posing for "just one more shot." 

I did get some really nice shots that I will share later, and I saved the cost of hiring a professional, so I'm pretty happy about the experience. And James really didn't mind it all that much.


Ada said...

My dad did my senior portraits. It's a great way to save some money. Looks like you had fun!

Le'Ann Ruggles said...

We had a blast! I'll post the good pics as soon as I get them edited. Of course, I'm a huge procrastinator, so it may take awhile.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I 'understand this senior portraits at all. Please enlighten me! Today I finally had time to look up Larks Song as it didn't mean anything to me. Now I try hard to relate this to you. Quite an enigma! Have a great day! Paula

Le'Ann Ruggles said...

Hi Paula! Senior portraits are a tradition here. Every year, school students have their portaits done. Usually a photographer comes to the school and the students line up to get their picture taken. You get one pose, so you hope that it's a good one. During their final (or senior) year of high school, they have a special package of portraits - a bit more special (more poses with different outfits and backgrounds), and a lot more expensive. You'll see what we came up with when I post them later. :)

As for Lark's Song... this has more than one meaning for me. My birth name is Le'Ann Renea Knight. If you look at all the capital letters, they spell LARK. Larks are knows for their beautiful songs, and I do love to sing. And this blog, it is my story. My song, if you will. So, there you have it. Not so much of an enigma... or maybe I am. ;)

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