Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday Night in Houston

Last night, James and I headed into Houston for a concert at Market Square. We started our evening with a short walking tour of the area - a few blocks up Milam to see an interesting topiary, a drop down into the tunnels so I could check where one of the exits led, then over to Main to see the train. James found it all very interesting, though admitted that the lack of trees and open sky felt stifling.

After our walk, we headed back to Market Square and Nico Nico's for a bite to eat. The gyros and hummus were delicious, and they had an impressive menu of coffee beverages. I'll be visiting there again, even though it may take half my lunch hour to make the 10 block trip.

I was pleased to note that the park wasn't too crowded. We saw several families with children and/or dogs. Some brought picnics while others, like us, took advantage of the nearby restaurants. It was a very comfortable setting, and I found myself forgetting that I was sitting in the middle of downtown Houston.

Fondue Monks provided the evening entertainment. Their "Texas funk" style had the audience swaying and smiling - and a few brave souls were even dancing near the stage.

Beautiful weather, good food and great music - all combined to make this a memorable evening. You can be sure that I'll be looking for more opportunities like this in the future.