Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Crazy-Busy Life

I should have realized that I was tempting fate when I wrote about making weekly posts on my blog. That was on March 21 - more than 2 weeks ago. Now I feel bad for letting my readers down - all two of you - when you've been so good about checking in with me. I will do my best to catch you up on my crazy-busy life.

My participation in the MCP Project 52 has been affected by my schedule. I submitted pictures for the last two weeks and they were on the suggested theme, but I think you'll agree that they are not my best efforts.

Week 12's From the Jewelry Box had me digging out my collection of 80's twisty beads for a colorful, but messy shot, and Week 13's Just for Fun, an example of our Spring Fellowship craziness, was a late submission that missed the deadline for the group - probably just as well.

The best part of the last two weeks was spending time with my family. First, there was the Woodlands and Wildlife Expo two weekends ago where my son, James, and I took a couple of wildlife photography seminars; played with working dogs, a wolf hybrid, snakes, and a petting zoo full of cute critters; ate food prepared by the local dutch oven society; and picked up some trees to plant in our yard.

That was followed by all of us heading into Tomball for the German Heritage Festival.  Polka music, German beer,  brats and sauerkraut! What more could you ask for?  All in all, it was a wonderful (busy) day.

With the deadline for finishing our pow-wow outfits fast approaching, all of my spare time last week was dedicated to bead work and sewing. I am happy to report that the projects were finished in time. Well, mostly finished. I still plan to do some ribbon work to decorate James' leggings and aprons, but they were at least wearable. 

Here we are in our dance regalia.

James entered the dance competition and took first place in Senior Straight Dance.  He received a certificate and a belt buckle, along with quite a few nice compliments about his new outfit. There was no competition for ladies, but I enjoyed my evening of dancing and watching the boys compete.

Now that the big weekend is over, I'm trying to get back on my regular schedule. (My blog wasn't the only thing I neglected last week.)  Oh, and I'm looking for ideas for this week's photo challenge - Fusion.  If you have any suggestions, please send them my way!


Paula & Skip said...

OH, this sounds so wunderbar. There is a life beyond the virtual world ;-)))) Good to hear that you have had fun. Congrats to your son. May I ask how it comes that you participate in a pow-wow? Have a wonderful weekend.

Le'Ann Ruggles said...

Hi Paula! Welcome back! My son and I are members of the Order of the Arrow - a camping and service oriented group of Boy Scouts. Much of what we do is based on American Indian tradition. Our big get-togethers always include a pow-wow, and I always look forward to the dancing.

Ada said...

Your dance regalia is lovely! Nice work!

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