Tuesday, May 17, 2011

There's Something About Cats

I keep asking my husband to please remind me again, why we have cats. 

They really are worse than children. They require constant maintenance - food, water, and litterbox cleaning (yuck). Closed doors upset them and they will stand outside the door, yowling, until it is opened. They are always underfoot. Even when you are careful to avoid them, someone gets their tail stepped on. They sleep all day and race around the house at night, using sleeping humans as their own personal trampoline.

Everything is a toy to cats. They will steal things from my purse to play with and leave them floating in their water bowl when they are finished. (So far my blue tooth hasn't made it to the water bowl yet, but I'm keeping my purse zipped from now on.)  Body parts (toes, fingers, hair, etc.) are also great toys - perfect for clawing and biting.

We chose not to have our cats declawed and they have repaid our kindness in so many ways. The little furballs have practically destroyed the upholstery on my favorite chair and the carpet in our hallway and are now expanding their efforts to other areas of the house. Their most recent adventure... the box springs. My husband thought they were playing under the bed while he was trying to nap. When he looked under the bed, no cats. But then a face peeked out from the bottom of the box springs. There was a hole in the cover and they were playing inside. (Yet another item to add to my ever expanding to do list.)

Did you know that cats have a special defense mechanism? It's strongest in kittens, but works for adults, too. I can be furious with them and then one will climb into my lap, curl up and start purring... and I melt. It happens every time... and we still have cats.

Last week's MCP Project 52 photography challenge topic was Window Light. I was lucky to have my camera handy when one of the girls was enjoying the afternoon sun, and caught this picture. Notice that there are no curtains in front of this window. There's a reason for that.