Monday, May 7, 2012

Weighing In - Week Forty Five

I thought I was ready for Phase 2 of Body Revolution. Ha! Wrong. Phase 2 is really tough. Once again, I can't get all the way through without stopping, and I have to do the "sissy" version of certain moves. I know I shouldn't be so hard on myself. I'm at least 10 years older than the hard-bodies in the videos, and at least I'm making an effort. But, for once, it would be nice to say "I can do this", and know that I really can. 

I am happy to report that the challenge of Phase 2 seems to be just what I needed to jump start my weight loss. Here's to hoping that will continue... since I need to burn off the pounds I know I gained from my hubby's birthday dinner. 

My numbers for the week(s):
Pounds lost (-) or gained (+) this week:  -2.2
Total weight loss:  22.2
Inches lost (-) or gained (+) this week:  -0.5
Total inches lost:  33.0

My current motivation:  My friend, Daria, from Mom In Management is starting a new 10 week Meet My Goals challenge. I love these challenges, because they help me stay motivated. I can't wait to get started!