Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weighing In - Week Forty Four

Phase 1 of Body Revolution is complete. Four weeks, six days a week. I missed one day when I was sick, and on two Saturdays I replaced the 30 minute cardio with lawn work. I'd say my level of dedication has been pretty good.  Now, on to Phase 2.

With another small gain this week, I question my decision to skip the diet portion of the program. It wouldn't be hard for me to get rid of all the junk food, stock my fridge and pantry with healthy choices, and cook the recipes that came with the program. But I think my family would protest. Hubby would be looking for the cookies and M&M's and the boy would complain that there's "nothing to eat" when he comes home from school. So, I buy the foods that everyone enjoys, and I enjoy them, too. I guess I need to strengthen my resolve and stay away from the darned M&M's!

My numbers for the week(s):
Pounds lost (-) or gained (+) this week:  +0.4
Total weight loss:  20.0
Inches lost (-) or gained (+) this week:  -1.5
Total inches lost:  32.5

Where do I get my best motivation?  From you and from my friends at the Empty the Junk from the Trunk group on Facebook. Stop by and check it out.

My current motivation:  Inches. I may not be losing pounds every single week, but the inches are coming off steadily. As long as I'm seeing positive changes, I'm encouraged.