Thursday, May 17, 2012

Weighing In - Week Forty Six

It's been a rough week.  Lots of stress. But I did finally get all the way through workouts 5 & 6 of Body Revolution, which is good, because it's time to switch to 7 & 8. I really love Jillian, but I honestly think she's trying to kill me. These workouts are tough! I am absolutely certain that the tiny weight gain this week can be blamed on the muscles I'm building.

My week came to a lovely end on Mother's Day.  My son, who is home from college, presented me with a very thoughtful gift - a little red ceramic teapot and the most amazingly delicious tea; then he and my husband cooked me a lovely dinner of barbecue chicken.  I ended the day by sharing a cup of tea with my baby boy. It was a perfect day!

My numbers for the week(s):
Pounds lost (-) or gained (+) this week:  +0.2
Total weight loss:  22.0
Inches lost (-) or gained (+) this week:  -0
Total inches lost:  33.0

My current motivation:  Can't wait for this new challenge from Mom In Management to start!