Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bye Bye Birdie

What is up with the birds lately?  They’ve been strangely absent the last few months. I have two feeders outside my kitchen window, and I usually have so many feathered visitors that I have to refill them every weekend.  But I haven’t needed to fill them for over two months now.

At first I thought it was bad seed. I picked up a bag at the grocery store instead of my usual place, and I thought maybe the seed was old. So I went back to my regular place and bought a new bag. Nope.  That wasn’t it. Still no birds. 

I haven’t seen very many squirrels either.  One little guy stops by and steals seed about once a week, but that’s it.  Strange.

We do have an amazing abundance of butterflies this year, though.  Maybe because there are no birds around to eat them.

Is it just me?  Is anyone else in the Houston area missing their birds this year?